Viale Poetto, 248
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La Villa Del Mare
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Our Philosophy

Noise, as we all know, is a major social intrusion. It produces stress and undermines our health and happiness.
Also, what is cheap and modern all too often tends to be ugly, disappointing, and increasingly impersonal.
It is these three thoughts that have moulded the distinctive features of La Villa del Mare:

  • a natural and peaceful environment, offering rest and recreation in calm and tranquillity;
  • comfortable building of character and individuality to satisfy our need of charm, beauty and authenticity;
  • a warm welcome , assured by the personal attention of the owners themselves who know how to make guests feel at home while still being entirely professional.

This is a Villa which cares and is different, which gives due attention to the human scale, to quality and to a personal touch. It is neither standardized nor boring. The diversity of architectural styles, of settings, of service and interiors, makes it a Villa with a unique appeal...
This is our response to this deep-seated need for nature and tranquillity that we all feel in an ever more frenetic world. We extend a cordial welcome to you as our guest. We hope you will enjoy your stay with us - from one day to the next...


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