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Dear Customer, We would like to inform customers that, under Article7 and 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 relating to regulations safeguarding the interests of people and other individuals with regard to personal data, the personal information provided by our customers or otherwise acquired in our operations will be handled according to the above provisions and the relative privacy laws and the strict discretion observed PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site. The handling of personal data refers to the collection, registration, organisation, storage, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, restriction, communication, diffusion, cancellation and distribution of such data or the combination of two or more of the aforementioned operations. Personal data is handled by authorised staff appointed PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site or its Legal Representative.

The data will be used for commercial purposes, connected or instrumental to the activities of our Hotel, and therefore:

1. To perform a Service or one or more contractually agreed operations, including those provided for by the contract, as well as the proposal to extend the Service to the supplementary services which may be activated after the signing of the Contract Proposal and to any binding activity with the Customer;

2. To respect the provisions of the law in general;

3. For internal operational or management requirements or those relating to the Service, namely, but not exclusively, with reference to auditing purposes;

As well as, subject to the Customer’s consent,

4. To collect information about customers’ tastes and preferences regarding travel and social-demographic information to provide a personalised, quality service;

5. To provide information about our products and services, or those of our partners, and other opportunities we deem of potential interest to our customers;

6. To process aggregated statistics for sales, customers, traffic tables and other information and to communicate such statistics to third parties. The statistics shall not include any information which may lead to the identification of the customer;

The law recognises numerous rights which we encourage our customers to read carefully, among which the rights to:

- access the registers of the Guarantor;

- obtain information about data which concern you;

- obtain the cancellation, restriction, up-dating, correction, integration of data, as well as evidence that such operations have been brought to the attention of those people to whom the data have been communicated;

- challenge, on legitimate grounds, the processing of data;

- challenge the processing of data for commercial use or advertising or for market research.

Article 13 of Law 675/96 regarding the rights of the person concerned to the processing of data:

Article 13 Law n.196/2003

With reference to the processing of personal information the individual concerned has the right to: know, through free access to the register referred to in Article 31, paragraph 1, letter a), of the existence of the processing of data which may concern him; be informed according to Article 7, paragraph 4, letters a), b) and h); obtain, from the owner or designated member of staff, without delay: confirmation of the existence or not of personal data which concern him, even if the data have yet to be registered, and notification in an intelligible form of the aforementioned data and their origin, as well as the logic and purposes for which it is being processed; the request may be renewed, save for the existence of justified grounds, with an interval of not less than 90 (ninety) days; the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the restriction of the data processed in breach of the law, including data which need not be stored in relation to the uses for which the data have been collected or subsequently processed; the up-dating, correction or, when required, the integration of data; evidence that the operations in numbers 2) and 3) have been brought to the attention, also with regard to their content, of those people to whom the data have been communicated or diffused, except in the event such obligation is impossible or requires an evident disproportionate employment of means compared to the right safeguarded; challenge, in full or in part, on legitimate grounds, the processing of personal data which concern him, even though related to the use it was collected for; challenge, in full or in part, the processing of personal data which concern him, envisaged for the purpose of commercial information or the sending of advertising material of direct sales, or for the carrying out of market research or interactive commercial communication and of being informed by the owner, not after the moment the data have been communicated or diffused, of the chance to freely exercise such right.

For each request as per paragraph 1, letter c) n.1), where the existence of data which concern the User is not confirmed, the interested party may be requested to pay an expenses contribution which does not exceed, however, the costs borne, according to the methods and within the limits established by the regulations specified in Article 33, paragraph 3. The rights specified in paragraph 1 relating to the personal data of deceased persons may be exercised by anyone concerned.

In the exercising of rights as per paragraph 1 the person concerned may grant, in writing, a delegate or proxy to individuals or associations. The regulations regarding the professional confidentiality of journalists, limited to the source of news, still holding good.

Conditions of Service and legal information.

Use of this web site and/or acceptance of the General Conditions which follow constitute an agreement between you and PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site If you do not accept the aforementioned General Conditions you are not authorised to use this site or any of the services. ATTENTION: By registering and using the services the User assents to the General Conditions specified below. Only adults and persons of sound mind may register and use the services. Any persons wishing to register are obliged to indicate only their own personal details and guarantee that the information given is truthful, correct and up-to-date.


1. Use of the site. This web site is destined for personal use. It may not be modified, reproduced, duplicated, copied, distributed, sold, re-sold or used in any other way for commercial purposes. This site may not be used for any illegal or prohibited purpose.

2. Content of the site. The information contained in the descriptive pages of the holiday packages are of a purely informative nature and in no way constitute a contract proposal. The sale contract proposal with the conditions of details will be sent, upon a non binding request by the customer, by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site responsible for technical organisation.

3. Links. The site may contain links to sites non managed by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site. Such links are provided as simple references. PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site does not check such sites and is not responsible for their contents.

4. Subscription and Newsletter. You hereby accept that all the messages and any other communication from other users are not guaranteed by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site and that such communication shall not be considered as revised, examined and approved by the hotel. The hotel reserves the right, according to its own discretion, to deny any user access to this site or to a part of it without prior warning. You therefore hereby undertake not to: defame, abuse, molest or in any other way violate the legal rights of others; publish, send or in any other way diffuse defamatory, indecent or illegal material or information; load files which contain viruses and/or any similar programme which may damage the efficacy of other computers; offer or publish the sale of any goods or services or carry out surveys, competitions and chain letters.

Finally, if you wish to publish reviews or remarks on the site, you must guarantee PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site and the companies in the group and licensees, a non-exclusive right, free from royalties, which is perpetual, irrevocable and totally transferable, to use reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, use to create derivative works from, distribute and show such reviews and remarks all over the world by whatever means. You must, moreover, guarantee PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site, and the companies in the group and licensees, the right to use the name you provided with each review or remark, in connection to such reviews and remarks. We would like to inform users that the newsletter service is carried out in collaboration with third parties; therefore, users wishing to subscribe to the newsletter accept that their e-mail address will be submitted to third parties for the purpose of forwarding messages containing our promotional and commercial offers.

5. Copyright, registered trademarks and Software. The content of the site, all texts, graphics, logos, keys and icons, and audio files are owned by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site or by its providers of the contents and are protected by the international laws for copyright. The compilation (meaning the collection, organisation and assembly) of all contents of the site is owned exclusively by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site and is protected by the international laws for copyright. All software used in the site is owned by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site or its software providers and is protected by the international laws for copyright. Any other use, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, reproduction, viewing or the performance of the contents of this site is strictly forbidden. Other products, services or names of companies quoted may be registered trademarks of the respective owners. 6. Disclaimer. This site is provided by PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site on an "as it is" basis and may contain inaccuracies or printing errors.

PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site does not provide warranty of any kind, either express or implied, about the efficacy of the site or the information, contents, software, material or products present on the site. As provided for by the relative laws, PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site does not recognise any express or implied warranty, including implied warrantees of marketability and suitability for any specific use. PAIMM S.r.l. owner La Villa del Mare.COM web site is not liable for any damage, including direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damage, arising from the use of this site.

The above General Conditions are regulated by Italian laws. We reserve the right to make changes to our site and the above General Conditions at any time. Any modifications to the General Conditions will be posted on the web site, the right to cancellation still holding good. For any dispute the place of lawful jurisdiction shall be Cagliari.

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